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dc.contributor.authorAlireza Abadi
dc.contributor.authorFarzaneh Ahmadi
dc.contributor.authorHamid Alavi Majd
dc.contributor.authorMohammad Esmaeil Akbari
dc.contributor.authorZainab Abolfazli Khonbi
dc.contributor.authorEsmat Davoudi Monfared
dc.description.abstractColon cancer is the third cause of cancer deaths. Although colon cancer survival time has increased in recent years, the mortality rate is still high. The Cox model is the most common regression model often used in medical research in survival analysis, but most of the time the effect of at least one of the independent factors changes over time, so the model cannot be used. In the current study, the survival function for colon cancer patients in Tehran is estimated using non-parametric Bayesian model.
dc.sourceIranian journal of cancer prevention
dc.titleThe Estimation of Survival Function for Colon Cancer Data in Tehran Using Non-parametric Bayesian Model.

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