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dc.contributor.authorNahid Bakhtiari
dc.contributor.authorManouchehr Mirshahi
dc.contributor.authorValiollah Babaeipour
dc.contributor.authorNader Maghsoudi
dc.contributor.authorAbbas Tahzibi
dc.description.abstractOne of the most important problems in production of recombinant protein is to attain over-expression of the target gene and high cell density. In such conditions, the secondary metabolites of bacteria become toxic for the medium and cause cells to die. One of these aforementioned metabolites is acetate, which enormously accumulated in the medium, so that both cell and protein yields are affected.
dc.sourceJundishapur journal of microbiology
dc.titleDown Regulation of ackA-pta Pathway in Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3): A Step Toward Optimized Recombinant Protein Expression System.

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