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dc.contributor.authorS Pirouzpanah
dc.contributor.authorF-A Taleban
dc.contributor.authorP Mehdipour
dc.contributor.authorM Atri
dc.contributor.authorA Hooshyareh-rad
dc.contributor.authorS Sabour
dc.description.abstractFolate, pyridoxine and cobalamin are coenzymatically essential in one-carbon methyl metabolism, and their deficiencies could explain some alterations during breast carcinogenesis. We aimed to evaluate the validity of folate, pyridoxine and cobalamin estimates from a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) on the basis of their corresponding fasting plasma biomarkers, in breast cancer (BC) patients.
dc.sourceEuropean journal of clinical nutrition
dc.titleThe biomarker-based validity of a food frequency questionnaire to assess the intake status of folate, pyridoxine and cobalamin among Iranian primary breast cancer patients.

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