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dc.contributor.authorReza Masteri Farahani
dc.contributor.authorMehrdad Nooranipour
dc.description.abstractTwelve human stapes from temporal bones fixed by formalin were extracted. Different dimensions were measured by an electronic microscope with an accuracy of microm. These dimensions were as follows: (1) maximum diameter of stapes head parallel to the axis of footplate, 1088 microm (range, 857-1277 microm); (2) distance of main nutritional foramen to head surface, 398 microm (range, 250-833 microm); (3) stapes head to shoulders, 757 microm (range, 571-1000 microm), head to foramen, 1047 microm (range, 785-1500 microm), and head to lateral surface of footplate, 2612 microm (range, 1892-3400 microm); (4) anterior crus width at shoulder, 398 microm (range, 333-500 microm); minimum width of anterior crus, 251 microm (range, 214-350 microm); (5) posterior crus width at shoulders, 386 microm (range, 285-600 microm); minimum width of posterior crus, 191 microm (range, 142-300 microm); (6) maximum width of footplate near anterior crus, 371 microm (range, 321-500 microm), maximum width of footplate near the posterior crus, 411 microm (range, 357-611 microm), minimum width of footplate, 228 microm (range, 178-388 microm); (7) maximum width of ossicle, 2298 microm (range, 1928-3050 microm); (8) angle between crura, 19.5 degrees (range, 15-24 degrees ); and (9) diameter of foramen at the end of curve, 1343 microm (range, 1071-1888 microm).
dc.sourceAmerican journal of otolaryngology
dc.titleAnatomy and anthropometry of human stapes.

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