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dc.contributor.authorMorteza Sanei Taheri
dc.contributor.authorSeyyed Mohammad Kharrazi
dc.contributor.authorHamid Reza Haghighatkhah
dc.contributor.authorYashar Moharamzad
dc.description.abstractBezoars usually present as a mass in the stomach. One of the uncommon causes of bezoars is ingestion of plaster in a suicidal attempt. We present here two patients with acute formed gastric bezoars due to plaster ingestion. Their main complaints were abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Clinical examination revealed a slightly distended abdomen and a palpable mass in the epigastric region. Plain abdominal radiograph showed plaster casts in the stomach. They were successfully treated by insertion of a nasogastric tube and gastric irrigation using saline solution over 24 h. Post-treatment abdominal X-ray showed dissolved plaster passing through the small intestines and the colon. The treatment course was uneventful, and finally patients were discharged with good condition and referred to a psychiatric clinic for treatment of underlying psychological disorder.
dc.sourceEmergency radiology
dc.titleUnusual acute formed gastric bezoars due to plaster ingestion successfully treated by gastric irrigation: report of two cases.

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