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dc.contributor.authorMohammad Nejatian
dc.contributor.authorHoushang Nikoopour
dc.contributor.authorTeimour Mohammadi
dc.description.abstract© 2014, Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India). Pilot scale production of low-trans vanaspati through a combination of techniques including non-selective hydrogenation of palmolein and physical blending of 3 vegetable oils, namely Canola, soybean and sunflower oils was investigated. Six formulations (A-F) of trans-free vanaspati were prepared. The fatty acid composition, peroxide value, acid value, iodine value, slip melting point (SMP), solid fat content (SFC) at 10–40 °C and oil/oxidative stability of the formulations were evaluated. The percentage of trans-fatty acids obtained for vanaspati formulations were within the value recommended by WHO ( < 4), except for B and D formulations (5.81 and 5.28, respectively). A and E formulations had the lowest trans-fatty acids content. The total saturated fatty acids (SFA) in the vanaspati formulations ranged from 22.96 to 30.11 %. Among the six formulations, A showed the significant percentage of SFA. The highest and the Lowest of linolenic acid contents were obtained for samples E (4.36 %) and F (0.28 %). Percentage of the monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) of the vanaspati formulations suggested an order from the highest to lowest as: A > C > E > F > D > B formulations. B formulation had the highest significant percentage of PUFA, followed by D, E, F, C, and A formulations. Only A vanaspati had the induction periods (IP) of higher than commercial low-trans vanaspati, while the lowest stability time belonged to sample B (10.20 h). SMP of all the vanaspati formulations was higher than the commercial low-trans vanaspati, but less than 40 °C. Although A and E formulations contained lower SFA than the commercial low-trans vanaspati, they indicated higher SFC at 20–40 °C. According to the above information, E and A formulations could be recommended as suitable formulations for further research in a larger scale.
dc.sourceJournal of Food Science and Technology
dc.subjectCanola oil
dc.subjectLow-trans fatty acids
dc.subjectSoybean oil
dc.subjectSunflower oil
dc.titleFormulation and pilot scale production of low-trans vanaspati with modified polyunsaturated fatty acids content
dc.contributor.citation55123653000|60018934|Mohammad Nejatian
dc.contributor.citation35084083500|60018934|Houshang Nikoopour
dc.contributor.citation56392648800|60018934|Teimour Mohammadi

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