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dc.contributor.authorM. Gholami Fesharaki
dc.contributor.authorA. Kazemnejad
dc.contributor.authorF. Zayeri
dc.contributor.authorM. Rowzati
dc.contributor.authorH. Akbari
dc.description.abstractAims: Obesity (OB) is one of the health problems that may lead other diseases. Many risk factors make OB that one of them is working on Shift Work (SW). In the present research, we are going to study the relationship between SW and OB by controlling confounding factor and with use of multilevel modeling, the powerful method for modeling correlated and longitudinal data. Methods: The data were extracted is annual observation from workers who worked at Isfahan's Mobarakeh Steel Factory (ISCF) that collected in health and safety executive between 2001 until 2010 for longitudinal study. In this research we study the effect of SW on OB with controlling blood pressure, age, and education level. MLwiN programmer version 2.1 was used to apply a multilevel modeling. Results: Total person who participate in this study was 6713 with 7 repetitions and range 10. The 45.2%, 6%, 48.8% of participation were day worker, weekly shift worker and routine shift worker respectively .In this study with controlling confounding factor WSW was shown significance relationship with OB (p=0.005) and more result shown decreasing BMI in routine shift worker rather than day worker. Conclusion: Since in most studies SW Mentioned as increasing factor for OB it can be something of a pattern in how the work schedule, pay and bonuses as a suitable model of ISCF can be used to reduce the effect on OB on SW.
dc.sourceJournal of Military Medicine
dc.subjectBody Mass Index
dc.subjectLongitudinal Study
dc.subjectMultilevel Modeling
dc.subjectShift Work
dc.subjectSteel Factory
dc.titleRelationship between shift work and obesity; A retrospective cohort study
dc.contributor.citation55209917700|60032053|M. Gholami Fesharaki
dc.contributor.citation35585353200|60032053|A. Kazemnejad
dc.contributor.citation55886194100|60018934|F. Zayeri
dc.contributor.citation55241795900|60089277|M. Rowzati
dc.contributor.citation36917927300|60010017|H. Akbari

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