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    • Copy Number Variants in Patients with Autism and Additional Clinical Features: Report of VIPR2 Duplication and a Novel Microduplication Syndrome 

      Saghar Ghasemi Firouzabadi; Roxana Kariminejad; Roshanak Vameghi; Hossein Darvish; Hamid Ghaedi; Susan Banihashemi; Mahboubeh Firouzkouhi Moghaddam; Mahboubeh Firouzkouhi Moghaddam; Peyman Jamali; Hassan Farbod Mofidi Tehrani; Hossein Dehghani; Mehrnaz Narooie-Nejad; Javad Jamshidi; Abbas Tafakhori; Saeid Sadabadi; Hossein Najmabadi; Hossein Najmabadi; Farkhondeh Behjati (2016-10-28)
      © 2016 Springer Science+Business Media New York Autism is a common neurodevelopmental disorder estimated to affect 1 in 68 children. Many studies have shown the role of copy number variants (CNVs) as a major contributor ...